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27 Ways to Find Influencers (Who Will Love to Partner With You)

Do you want to grow your business by partnering with influencers...but you have no idea where to FIND the right influencers who can help you grow? 

This book is for you. 

Drawn from years of experience running influencer partnerships in a wide variety of industries, this book contains all my best tips and techniques for searching and finding the influential people you want to partner with. 


27 Ways to Find Influencers Who Will Love to Partner With You walks you through a simple step-by-step process for 27 different unique ways to find influencers in any platform, for any industry. I truly believe this is the best collection you'll ever find of tools, techniques, and systems for finding influencers who will partner with you to grow your business. 


Learn creative ways for finding influencers on the most engaged influencer platform in the world. Skip the expensive influencer tools and find your own partners with the seed search.


Forget about Facebook's unwieldy search algorithms. Discover the tools that will help you quickly find who you need to connect with on the biggest social platform in the world. 


Discover ways to use your existing relationships to gain more connections – even if you think you don't know anyone. 


Find hundreds of influencers you never knew existed with a simple Google search. Learn how to backlink your heroes and use reverse image search to find influencers you'll love working with. 


Discover the insider path to connect with journalists who are looking for you right now – and who can't wait to write about you in top publications. 


Techniques you won't find anywhere else to help you find not just the best influencers in your industry, but the best influencers for you and your business. 

About Lisa C. Baker 

Most influencer marketing strategists specialize in a specific industry. Their strategy is to build relationships with all the influencers in their industry. Then they become the gatekeepers to those relationships, introducing their clients to people they know and forming a circle of co-promotion for the people who pay them. 

My strategy is the opposite. I've run influencer campaigns in a variety of industries, from online education to ecommerce parenting products. My specialty is cold outreach to influencers that's founded on radical human equality. I believe you can connect with anyone – and it all starts with finding the right people. 


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